Electrosanne goes cashless! 


Looking for his wallet for hours in his/her bags, queuing hours for bars and food trucks are things of the past. Thanks to the cashless bracelet, you can now easily pay any service during the festival

Pour les billets un jour le code de droit en bas:



Cashless account


To charge your cashless strap, just click the following link and enter your strap code ( rear of it )



Reload or consult your cashless account


Before the festival


Buy ticket and open your cashless account

  1. I buy my ticket here
  2. I create my account in “cashless account” section
  3. I charge my account using my credit card. The historic of my loads are available on my account page. The cashless account is not associated with a bank account, all payment done with the bracelet should be validated by her/his owner

At the festival


Get your bracelet at the festival

  • If I already created my account using my ticket number, I go to the “prélocation” desk to get my cashless bracelet already charged 
  • If I already purchased my ticket but I haven’t opened a cashless account, I go the “prélocation” desk to get a cashless bracelet that I will charge after inside the festival, by cash or credit card
  • If I haven’t purchased a ticket upfront, I’ll receive the cashless bracelet when I purchasing my ticket. I’ll be able to charge it inside the festival, by cash or credit card
  • The activation of the cashless bracelet costs 1 CHF

Using the bracelet during the festival

  • I can pay with my cashless bracelet at any stand. It has to be put on the cashless terminal to validate the transaction. 
  • I can check my credit and my payments at any time 
  • If I don’t have enough money on my bracelet, another cashless account can complete the transaction

Charge the bracelet during the festival

  • One loading space will be available at the entrance of the festival. The load can be done by cash or credit card
  • If I loaded my bracelet before the festival, I can load it at anytime on the internet


After the festival



  • To get reimbursed, it is necessary to create or have a cashless account online
  • Reimbursement requests will be opened from September 2nd at 8am to September 16th until 11pm
  • Requests outside of this period will not be considered and the credit on the bracelet will be lost 
  1. I keep my bracelet after the festival that has a unique chip number. Without this number, I won’t be able to request the reimbursement
  2. I fill in on the web page the information requested including the unique chip number and the credit card information
  3. I receive the reimbursement on this credit card

Help and information


  • An information point will be open the entire festival at the charging area if you have any problem or question
  • If you want to have more information or if you have any problems with your cashless account, please write us [email protected]