Brunch - La Manufacture x La cantine

Sunday, September 1st, Electrosanne is happy to organize a brunch at le Café de l’Arsenic. For 33.-, you can enjoy an open buffet specially prepared by La Manufacture x La cantine, from noon to four pm, while listening to our local DJs. The price is including the entry to the festival. 

La Manufacture, a non lucrative association, presents the collaboration between three young chefs, artists and photographers, active in several various disciplines, complementary in their experiences and their respective domains of expertise; Julie Houriet Salomon, Arpad Antonietti Kovalevsky, and Adva Guttel.

La cantine, led by Yan Luong and Lucy De Dea,  is a street food pop-up based in Lausanne, Switzerland that pops ups monthly and reconceptualises street food.

The veggie and vegan menu has been created in collaboration with a palestinian cook that came specifically to get involved in the association of La Manufacture.

Inscriptions are limited, don't hesitate to book a table on our website! 
(Access to the festival and therefore to the brunch is reserved to people over 18 years of age.)

See the menu