Access the festival for persons with reduced mobility

 Diverse actions are implemented during the festival to assure the comfort and pleasure of people with disabilities. 


  • ACCESS AND CIRCULATION: Persons with disabilities and their companions can benefit from a simplified access to Electrosanne by the regular exit of the festival. On site, all stages, outdoor and indoor included, are accessible for people with reduced mobility. 


  • TICKETS: A person with disabilities should get a ticket to the festival but her or his companion is not required to have one. There is no need to ask for an invitation, the two can enter within the festival with one ticket. For practical reasons, please contact us (+41 76 507 22 67) to announce and organize your venue.


  • TOILETS: Adapted restrooms are available any time at the ground floor of Arsenic. Electrosanne staff will remain available for any help or question. 


Get tickets, food and drinks on site 

TICKETS - The capacity of Arsenic is limited. Therefore, we strongly recommend the participants to get their tickets on our website prior to the event. Depending on the attendance each day, tickets will be sold directly at the entrance of the festival (cash and credit cards accepted). 

PAYMENT ON SITE - This year, Electrosanne is going cashless. For more details, please check our dedicated section here.


Food and drinks

Several bars will be available outside and inside each room of the festival with a large of soft and hard drinks. Catering will also be available during the entire time of the festival, nights included, with a large offer. A brunch will be organized on sunday.


Leave jackets and bags in the festival

A locker will be available on site where you will be able to leave securely your bags and jackets during the entire time of the festival. The payment of the locker will be done with your cashless bracelet.


Leave the festival and get back later 

You will be able to get in and out from the festival at your convenience until midnight as long as you keep your bracelet that will include your access for the day. If you lose or remove it, you will have to pay to get in the festival again. The festival impose a final exit at 23h.


Festival schedule

You will find the full schedule here.

Opening at 18h
Closing at 00h

Opening at 15h 
Closing at 4h

Opening at 12h 
Closing at 4h

Opening at 12h 
Closing at 20h