House Rules

Love and Respect

Electrosanne is place of living for all that will not tolerate any discrimination, threat, abuse, harassment nor any racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic comment and any other aggressive behaviour. Please contact the organizing team if you have any problems related to this.


Limited capacity

The capacity of Arsenic and especially indoor stages are limited. Visitors will be asked to go to other stages if one reaches its maximum capacity.


Access and legal age

For safety reasons, access to the festival is reserved to people over 18 years of age. Participants are requested to keep with them their valid ID. A check will be done at the entrance of the festival. Electrosanne is not responsible for any problems occurred following a violation of this rule.


Control and security

For safety reasons, we will check bags and search visitors to ensure that nobody inside the festival will carry drugs, arms, cans, plastic bottles, glass, food, drinks or any dangerous items.

We reserve the right to refuse entrance to the festival to any person that may endanger his own safety or the one of others, especially under the influence of narcotics  or in a drunken state. All visitors are requested to follow instructions and security rules set by the organizers.



It is recommended to wear earplugs and there will be some free at your disposal during the festival.


Smoking area

It is strictly prohibited to smoke inside the Arsenic. The esplanade in front of the building is outdoor where is possible to smoke.


First aid

A first-aid and medico-sanitary service will be available the entire time of the festival.